After our daughter was born, our kick-ass midwife dubbed us the "Fox Force Trio."
We loved it so much, we're now using the moniker all over the map — literally!

The Fox Force Trio are a venturous, bold, and nature-loving hapa blended family that started out living by the sea on lush Kauai. Now, we're trading in our super spacious, beautiful house on the North Shore to live on the road in an Airstream, where there'll only be room for the daily essentials and each other. Why? 

We're discovering a new road to happy.

In essence, we're writing a modern day fairy tale. We believe that living a creative life where we can define our own version of "happily ever after" is not only necessary, it is absolutely essential to creating a healthy, lasting family dynamic. We want to be positive role models for our daughter, showing her that by taking chances and moving away from what's considered "traditional" builds opportunities to thrive. Most importantly, we want to foster an amazing relationship with one another and especially with our daughter.

Here we are, making our dreams come true. 

Our love story was easy. Jules and Judy met at a softball game at our mutual friend's farm, then literally spent every day together after that. We had both moved to the most remote inhabited location on earth to meet each other and, within a month of dating, choose to create our amazing daughter, Wilder. But in Hawaii, there's a saying, "No rain, no rainbows."

As we really got to know each other through a challenging pregnancy, storms started consuming us. Doubts about our life choices drowned out the vibrant colors around us. Romance was put on hold. Thrust into parenthood, which no one can fully prepare for, we wondered what the heck we were doing. We spent all of our time cleaning, working, bickering — and cleaning! The love was still there, yet our hobbies, passions, and pursuits were put on hold, indefinitely. The rain became so heavy, we stopped seeing paradise. Instead, we were cold, wet, tired. How do we find the sunshine again?

We live it true! As we figure out how to manifest our dream lives, we'll show you how we're doing it together as a family. Every step of the way. 

We hope you'll join us for the ride.

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